The Duoflex Technology used by Daigle stands out from other brands. The DuoFlex technology is built with 2 different styles of carbon fibre, flexible and rigid. Both types of fibres are constructed together on the frames, allowing for a smoother ride without losing performance. All Daigle bikes use DuoFlex technology.

Rigid Carbon Fibers

Flexible Carbon Fibers


From the back of the frame to the red center line. The carbon fibres we use most often are rigid carbon fibres. The goal is to give the rider better acceleration with each pedal stroke. We use this carbon technology to maintain the dynamics of the bike. This allows the rider to save more energy. It is therefore easier to go longer and help the pedal to climb the most difficult slopes.


Finding the right blend of the rigid and flexible fibres, was the most difficult part of all aspects of the build of the a frame. We managed to find the perfect recipe to build a more comfortable frame without affecting it's performance. The Flexible carbon acts as a shock absorber. Each shock received on the front fork reduces the vibration of the impact. The stem flexes just enough to reduce pressure on the wrists, neck and lower back. Which made the ride smoother on a high performance frame. You can now enjoy long journeys.